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Marguerite’s Words Of Wisdom For May

Posted on by Marguerite Vardman

Marguerite’s Words Of Wisdom For May
Seven years ago today, the world lost an amazing man. Rodger was my best friend, the man of my dreams, my true soulmate, and a wonderful father figure to my daughter, Julie. From the first day we met, we completely understood each other. As difficult as his sudden death was, I was truly blessed to speak to him on the phone one hour before his car accident.

We were planning a big night out on Saturday. As my Mother’s Day gift, he was taking me to our favorite Italian restaurant, and then to the Augusta Opera performance of La Boheme. I remember asking him if he remembered to pack his suit. He laughed and said he put it back in the closet by mistake. Then he added, “Don’t worry, because Men’s Wearhouse can have me one ready by Saturday!” It always amazed me how he could find the silver lining in every cloud.

Over the past seven years I have learned a lot about life, and a lot about myself. Rodger has come to see me several times in dreams and it has helped me understand that the love lives on, even after death. I am now at the point, where all I have to do is close my eyes and think of him and I feel his presence.

I remember the day when I finished the manuscript for my book. I felt him in the room with me. A warm, loving feeling came over me and a smile came to my face. I spoke to him out loud and said, “Sweetheart, you knew when you left, that you were leaving me with this amazing gift!”. That was the day everything that had happened finally made sense to me, and I was at peace.

Now that my book is about to be published, I look forward to the next years of my life, when I will be helping people all over the world learn how to process their grief, heal their hearts, and find that peace that passes all understanding.

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