LargeAuthorPhotoMarguerite Vardman obtained her BSN from Northeastern University, her MSN from University of Massachusetts Lowell, her BDiv in spiritual counseling and her MDiv in grief counseling from Universal Brotherhood University. She has been in the healthcare profession since 1971, and in ministry since 1996. She has dedicated her life to helping people heal in body, mind, and spirit. Early in her career, she became comfortable with helping folks face end-of-life issues with love and grace. Following the death of her beloved Rodger in 2007, she was forced to confront her own feelings of loss and grief. “Once I finished walking through the ‘valley of the shadow of death’, I began to teach my healing techniques to others.”

Throughout her career, her real love has always been counseling patients and families in homes, churches, medical offices, and hospitals all over the country. “When a person has a health challenge, it is a stressful time for that person and all those who are close to that person. There are so many questions and so many fears. They need to be addressed just as seriously as the physical diseases and symptoms! However, if the health challenge is potentially a terminal illness, all the complex fears about dying and death come into the equation! That’s when I sit down with the entire family and walk them through all the medical data. After that, we go around the room to find out how each person feels and what their concerns/fears might be. Having the whole family together is a powerful event, because those who are ready to accept the severity of the illness are able to reach out and support the others. Sometimes, even the patient says something profound about being ready to ‘go to heaven’, then the family members gain solace from the courage of the dying person. I always feel like God is in the room and totally in charge!”

Miss Vardman is available by appointment only for personal or group counseling in person or via telephone. She is comfortable addressing any physical or emotional challenge, in addition to end-of-life and bereavement issues. Her services are on a sliding fee basis, so that counseling is available to all persons, even when they are financially challenged.

To schedule a counseling session with Marguerite, please use the form below. Please include a contact name; a short description of your challenge (I am getting divorced, or my Dad just found out he has stage IV cancer, or I just can’t get over the death of my child 2 years ago); your annual income for the past year (used to calculate the sliding fee), a convenient time for your session (for example: any Tuesday, or evenings after 8pm), and a contact number.


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